Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Chapter IV: Fundamental Rights
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SECTION 33: Right to Life (Your life na your own)

  • You with everybody wey dey this world get right to dey alife. Na offence make somebody kill another person.

SECTION 34: Right to Dignity of Human Person (You no be slave)

  • You suppose handle everybody jejely with respect, whether you like dem or you no like dem; and na so dem suppose treat you too: with dignity and respect
  • If anybody torture you or treat you like say you no be human being, that one na offence.
  • Nobody suppose turn you to slave or force you make you be im servant; or force you do any work wey you no wan do. But if na Court talk so; or you join military or police; or you dey serve Nigeria like Ajiwaya dem, n aim be say dem fit force you do some kind work.

SECTION 35: Right to Personal Liberty (You get right to dey free)

  • You dey free to go where you wan go.
  • But person wey commit offence, abi im no gree do wetin Court talk, Court fit comot this im freedom oh. Also, pesin wey never reach 18 years, abi person wey get dangerous disease wey fit catch other people like Ebola, abi person wey im brain no too correct or too much drinking or ganja don scatter im head, government fit comot im freedom as e go better for the society.
  • If dem arrest you onto say you commit any offence, dem no suppose hold you for prison pass how many years wey law talk say na punishment for your offence. That one mean say, for example if person thief cow and the law talk say the punishment na two years, even if dem never finish to the touchlight the mata wey two years come do, dem suppose release am from prison.
  • If dem arrest you, you fit keep quiet no talk to anybody until you see your lawyer or anybody wey you like. Dem no suppose force you make you give statement if you no want.
  • If dem arrest you, whether na police abi anybody wey get power to arrest, before e pass 24 hours, dem suppose write for language wey you understand take tell you wetin make dem arrest you.
  • If the offence wey dem say you commit no be serious offence wey be say the punishment reach death sentence level, dem no suppose keep you for prison pass 24 hours. Dem suppose carry you go court unless if the place where Court dey dey far pass 40 kilometers; and even if e far pass like that true true, dem no suppose keep you pass two days no carry you go Court unless e get as e be.
  • If dem arrest or detain you unlawfully, dem suppose apologise to you for public and even use money take tell you sorry.


SECTION 36: Right to Fair Hearing (Dem suppose hear your own side)

  • If anything happen, dem suppose hear your own side of wetin happen too.
  • If anybody talk say you commit any offence, na the person duty (not your own) to show Court say you commit the offence true true, unless e get wetin law say na you suppose prove.
  • If dem carry you go Court, dem suppose tell you sharp-sharp everything about the offence wey dem say you commit for language wey you understand come give you time make you prepare how you go take defend yourself; and you fit defend yourself by yourself abi call lawyer wey go defend you.
  • You fit call any witness make e come talk wetin happen and you fit question any witness wey dem call come.
  • If you no understand the language wey dem dey use take judge the mata, make you tell dem, because dem suppose find person wey go interpret for you for free.
  • If dem don finish to judge your mata, you fit ask make dem give you copy of paper wey carry the judgment within seven days; or you fit send somebody make e collect am for you.
  • Dem no suppose punish you for something wey you do wey no be offence by the time wey you do am.
  • Dem no suppose give you punishment wey heavy pass the punishment for the offence wey you commit by the time wey you commit am. This one mean say, if Akpos thief moto for 2012 and the punishment by that time na two years for prison, if by the time wey dem finish to the judge the mata for 2017 another new law don commot wey talk say the punishment for person wey thief moto na 10 years for prison, that new law no suppose affect Akpos because by the time wey im commit the offence, the punishment na two years.
  • Dem no suppose carry you go Court two times for the same offence; and if dem don forgive you for offence wey you commit, dem no suppose carry you go Court again for that the same offence.
  • Dem no fit force you make you give evidence for Court.
  • Dem no fit punish you for wetin you do unless law don write am say that thing na offence and don punishment don dey for am.


SECTION 37: RIGHT TO PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE (You get right to your privacy)

  • Your private life and your family life, your phone calls, text messages, emails, letters and things like that na your private matta, law suppose protect and guarantee all of dem for you. Nobody suppose chook eye anyhow for that kind private matta.


SECTION 38: RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, CONSCIENCE AND RELIGION (Your religion, mind and conscience na your own. You get right to them)

  • You fit think anything wey you wan think.
  • Any religion wey you like na im you go practice, even if na only you or with other people. Nobody suppose force you make you change your religion if you no want change. If you like sef, no practice any religion. But law no go gree make you go join or form secret society oh.



  • You get right to talk as you dey feel about any matta. (Talk your own make Naija better).
  • You fit show yourself as you like and talk to people about wetin you think and nobody suppose disturb you.
  • If you don collect permission from government, you fit get your own television or radio station and even newspaper wey you fit use dey relate with people.
  • You fit join any social media like Facebook, Tweeter and others wey you like.
  • But if law dey say you no suppose talk some kind thing wey you know because of the way dem take tell you for secret; or because of your position for government; or because you be lawyer, or doctor; or because Court talk so, then you no suppose talk am and e no mean say dem don stop dis your right.


SECTION 40: RIGHT TO PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATION (You get right to mix with other people)

  • You fit gather or mix with other people.
  • You fit form or join any association wey you like and if you no want join any association, nobody suppose force you join; and if you don join, you fit comot for the association any time wey you like.
  • You fit join or form any political party wey you like; but make you check dey sure say the political party don dey register for INEC.


SECTION 41: RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT (You get right to waka freely)

  • Every Nigeria person fit waka about as im like for the whole Nigeria.
  • Every Nigeria person fit stay for any part of Nigeria wey im like whether na for North or South or East or West.
  • No body fit pursue any Nigerian person comot for Nigeria or stop am make im no go out to another country or enter Nigeria from another country; unless im commit offence wan come run comot from Nigeria or im committ offence for another country wey Nigeria don get agreement with say anybody wey commit offence for their country run come Nigeria, Nigeria go submit am to the country wey im commit the offence make dem touchlight im mata.


SECTION 42: RIGHT TO FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION (Everybody right for Nigeria dey equal)

  • Nobody suppose treat you different because of the community wey you come from; or because of the language wey you dey speak; or because of say you be woman or man; or because of your religion or your political party; or because of how your mama take born you whether for husband house or not. Everybody for Nigeria dey equal and na equal treatment everybody suppose get.


SECTION 43: RIGHT TO ACQUIRE AND OWN IMMOVABLE PROPERTY ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA (You get right to buy land and property for anywhere for Nigeria)

  • Every Nigeria person fit buy or get land or house or any property for anywhere for Nigeria. This one mean say Igbo man fit build house for Kano, Hausa man fit buy land for Lagos, Yoruba woman fit get farm for Nsukka.


SECTION 44: COMPULSORY ACQUISITION OF PROPERTY (You get right make dem settle you if dem collect your property)

  • If government want use your land do anything wey go help the community, dem suppose settle you well well, and if you no happy with the settlement or how dem take collect your land, you fit carry the matta go Court.
  • Every mineral, or oil or gas or any natural resources wey dey for Nigeria, whether for land or for water, na Federal Government get am.


SECTION 45: RESTRICITION ON AND DEROGATION FROM FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS (Government get power to comot some of your right but na only for certain circumstances)

  • Government fit comot some of the rights wey we don talk about: like the right for your privacy (37), the rights to think as you like (38), the right make you talk your own (39), the right make you gather take mix with other people (40), and the right make you waka about (41), if better law dey ground wey na for the good of the society or to protect other people, government fit follow the law take comot any of these rights.
  • If kata-kata or war dey Nigeria, government fit comot the right to freedom for section 35 if that one go help the mata. But the right wey everybody get to dey alife for Section 33, nobody fit take am unless person die for war. The right wey say dem no go punish person for wetin no be offence when im do am and dem no go give person punishment wey heavy pass the punishment for im offence, nobody fit change that one.



  • If you feel say anybody wan collect your right, or im do something wey show say im don collect your rights, you fit go Court make dem touchlight the matta. This rights wey we don talk about na from Section 33 go reach Section 46 of the Constitution of Nigeria.
  • If you no get money and you no fit hire lawyer, National Assembly suppose take care of your matta. Na im make we get Legal Aid Council wey person wey dey very poor fit run go meet.
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